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Pokemon Go Easy Way To Level Up!

Here’s a quick and easy way to level up fast in pokemon go. First off make sure to catch all of the

weedles, pidgeys, and caterpies that you can find. Reason being is that they’re easy to catch, plentiful

and they need a low amount of candy to evolve. Second make sure you have a lucky egg. These can be

acquired by either leveling up, gained from a pokéstop or bought from the store in the game. This trick

can be done without the egg but I highly suggest having one as it will double the experience you’re

about to gain! So I always wait till my day of pokemon hunting is over to do this. First off activate the

lucky egg. This will give you 30 minutes of double experience. Next I open up my pokemon window and

put them in order by name a-z. This makes the process easier. Now let’s start with the caterpies. Start

with your highest rated one and evolve him. Now normally you

would get 500 experience for this but since you activated the lucky egg you will now get 1000

experience for every one you evolve! So evolve all your caterpies until you don’t have enough candy to

evolve anymore.


At the point find all the metapod you just made from evolving them and transfer each

one back to the professor which will net you 1 candy each. After that if you have enough to evolve

another caterpie then evolve your highest one. If not start to transfer your caterpies, starting with the

lowest rated one, until you reach another 12 candies to evolve another one. Repeat until you have run out

of candies or run out of pokemon. Which ever comes first. Once caterpies are done the move on to your

pidgys and then your weedles. And follow the exact same process. Also only do the first evolve for each

pokemon. Evolving from their 2 nd to 3 rd evolution takes  alot of candy and wouldn’t make this trick

work as well. To a lesser extent this works for ratatta as well even though they’re 25 candies to evolve but

if you’re in an area where they are plentiful like me then they can work as well. Also save any evolving for

your stronger pokemon until you’re doing this process so you can always get the 1000 experience instead

of the usual 500.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your pokemon hunts!

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1 Comment

  • Tim

    This is a great trick, you can further it’s effectiveness by releasing all extra pokemon you couldn’t evolve anyways. so if you have 5 pidgys but only 75 candies you can drop 2 of those pidgys to save space while also gaining more candy. Further this is highly effective around level 10 when you get your first lucky egg for free.

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